Ever travelled miles and miles to see your favourite band? Ever read a book just because your favourite actor, musician, artist likes it? Ever encountered dozens of people who became your friends because of one band? Got to know new music because of an artist, author, or actor? Or visited a place just because a movie was shot there?

There is a sound in each single thing you see, whether it is music, a beat, a bird twittering, a car racing by, or people talking. There is always something to be found when you are on the road to some place. There is also a place in every single song you hear. Whether that place is just a fleeting memory, a dream, or an actual city.

On this blog you can find news, opinion pieces, tips, anecdotes, and memories I hope will inspire you to live life to the fullest!

I hope you travel this journey called life with me, find new music and intriguing places, and can relate to my stories. I hope we can teach each other a thing or two in the process.


IMG_20130411_170219I find my peace in music, I feel my heart when I am at a concert, beating to a beat that is bigger than me, more complex than just me. But I also find my peace in travelling, in not knowing a place and exploring, anticipating what you will find, and expanding your soul.



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